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Aurora offers exceptional consulting services to help you get your desired finishes. You will find our products are designed to give you the ability to match your bespoke interior with just the right aesthetic. So Talk to us today to find out more about our textures and colours. Free samples can be made upon request.



If you want to learn how to apply this product and be creative, our training course can help you. With our one-on- one training course, you will be taught by our expert and get hands on experiences with the products. No previous experience is required.

We offer top class solutions in architecture & interior fields.


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Yes, the VOC contained in our products is close to 0.

Most of our products are made of an age-old reliable recipe of lime based plaster. Some of them are water based.

Lime is calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide. Lime plaster is a composed of a mixture of sand, water and lime that hardens after application forming a strong, durable surface.

Lime based plaster is very durable. Unlike cement it is less brittle and more flexible meaning there are less concerns about cracking. Hydraulic Lime Plaster can be almost as strong as cement.

At Aurora we have trained applicators to help you with your project.