Stencil Works Finish – Custom Design Pattern

Color scheme to be confirmed with our Wall Artist in Showroom or onsite
Auckland wide onsite inspection & workmanship
Nationwide will require to quote separately for extra workmanship cost

Tradition and innovation blend in refined decorations and chromatic effects which give light and grace to walls and ambiances. Viero Polished Plasters are versatile products, which permit to reproduce the aristocratic prestige of historical buildings and old Venetian villas even in a modern and simple environment.

Stucco Veneziano is an antique technique which experienced contemporary influence, in accordance with the latest trends in interior decoration and modern design.


About Stencil Works

Special natural decorative stucco for interiors, ready for use, based on selected aggregates and high-quality lime putty obtained through a long natural aging process in special storage tanks. The product is homogeneous, pasty and easy to apply and with the appropriate technology, it reproduces a garage effect. It is available in a single base.