About us

Exclusively by Aurora

Achieve the elegant and timeless European touch of Italian designs with our finest collection of nuanced architectural finishes which are unrivaled in their coloration, beauty, and durability. Conceived with the idea of transforming spaces into amazing and unique interior designs, Aurora products are inspiring architects and interior designers in New Zealand and beyond. We believe that what makes your interior come to life is not only the color or the sheen, but the ability to incorporate your vision into a masterpiece that will last a lifetime. We combine top quality Italian products and techniques to create luxurious, creative finishes

Our specialization

Italian made decorative paint & plaster

At Aurora, we’re proud to work with many of the top architects and interior designers in New Zealand and beyond, which is why we go out of our way to offer the innovative products that our clients are looking for.

All of our designs are inspired by the finest Italian architecture. We take top quality Italian-made decorative paint and plaster and bring those beautiful finishes into the country to give homeowners more options for their interior. Our environmentally-friendly products/finishes can be applied to any substrates and never age, adding a truly European touch to any project.

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